Polvorón with cocoa

Dulce tradicional Antonio Anaut

With pure cocoa. Our exquisite craftsmanship provides their extraordinary and delicate texture; incredibly easy to eat. They take you back to the flavours of yesteryear while also managing to charm children. Much lighter than you think, we wrap them individually in silk paper.

They are milk-free (no lactose, no milk protein) and nut-free.

Enjoy also our traditional polvorón and the new polvorón with lemon aroma.


WHEAT flour, sugar, lard, 3.5% cocoa and cocoa flavour.

Contains gluten. No preservatives or colourings.

Nutrition information per 100 g

Energy value  2.061 KJ / 491,4 kcal.
Fat 20,8 g
(saturated) 9,9 g
Carbohydrates 69,6 g
(sugars) 28,7 g
Proteins 5,5 g
Salt 0 g

Format: Bag (400 g)